Introducing Power Up! Primary - the visually and conceptually exciting multimedia programme for pupils who are moving to high school - empowering pupils before and after they arrive.

There has never been a more important time to secure a genuine culture of empowerment for young people in schools. More than ever, children need to know who they are and how to make great choices and sound judgments in a world of easy-access information. At the same time, they need to know how to realise their potential and avoid unhelpful peer pressure, and how to engage successfully with others to form the next purposeful generation.

All of these challenges and opportunities impact on their ability to learn.  The time of transition between years 6 and 7 is a key moment in time when students can be empowered in the next phase of their learning journey.  That is why at the Coaching Dynamic, we have developed Power Up! Programmes.

Power Up! Primary connects with both a ‘wellbeing’ approach, reflective learning and growth mindset tools, and connects with British values themes. It benefits those schools which are looking for stimulating and thought provoking resources to help support school transition.  

Power Up! Primary is a classroom-based teaching and interactive learning programme about empowerment, placed in the context of transition. The programme is well-researched and solution-focused, responding to the issues raised by students, teachers and parents. The programme - at both Primary and Secondary level covers five key principles from the world of personal performance coaching and develops pupils' self confidence, self awareness and self esteem at this important moment of transition.  This unique programme helps schools add to their portfolio of support for leaving year 6’s, whilst also teaching them underpinning principles of empowerment.

The tools are designed to bring about positive behaviours and attitudes towards self and others in the school, increasing pupil chances of settling in well and equipping students for improved decision making in the new world of high school.   

The Primary School programme forms the springboard for transition work in the final term or half term of Year 6.  The Secondary, High School programme offers a follow-on curriculum to engage newly arriving Year 7 students with the five principles of empowerment at the next level, helping to embed a smooth approach to their transition between schools.


Summary Features of the Power Up! Primary Programme include:

• A teaching resource that can be displayed for teaching via a projector or smartboard.

• A teaching license for all Year 6 transition teachers and a teacher's support guide.

• Learning components divided into 5 sections.

• Videos streamed to the ebook (for the Primary programme) with original animation

   concepts on transition/empowerment topics.

• Colourful images and diagrams.

• Short information passages for reading privately or as a class.

• Coaching questions throughout for reflection.

• Colourful fill in boxes for typed answers.

• Ongoing save and print function for pupils.

• Parent Engagement via a coaching booklet helping parents empower their children into the holidays,

• Parents Evening video to play at the final Parent's evening.

Teacher Support Resources

Our new book for teachers: Empowering Students in Transition provides teachers with a deeper understanding of the five principles used in Power Up! and generates more substantial teaching options for both primary and secondary contexts.

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  The content includes

Power Up! Primary can be used flexibly within the curriculum.  It is designed for use on school PCs or other school-issued learning devices which can be used in the classroom and which can access the Internet.