Please read the following terms and conditions which explain the conditions of use for all Power Up! Programmes and the protection of the intellectual property rights of Power Up! Programmes, by the Authors (Richard Burwell and Catherine Burwell www.movingtohighschool.com and www.thecoachingdynamic.com) and which apply to anyone wishing to use Power Up! Programmes.  Power Up! is a licenced programme.  The licence is included in the purchase price and allows the third party/users to have access for the year in which the licence is shown (eg. 2016 edition).  

Any Purchase of Power Up! Programmes automatically implies agreement with the following terms and conditions by the third party.  


1. The Power Up! Programme concept, Power Up! Primary Programme (also known as Part One and Power Up! App), Power Up! Secondary Programme (also known as Part Two) and materials associated with Power Up! Moving to High School programmes, its interactive PDFs, booklets, content, sample material, videos and any other example of the Power Up! Programme is the sole property of the authors Richard and Catherine Burwell and at no time may a third party indicate or demonstrate ownership of it.

2. Schools must purchase a licence to provide single use copies for pupils within the numerical limits of the licence eg. 220 or less for high schools, 100 or less for primary schools. Licences for larger numbers of children may be purchased if required for a nominal additional amount.

3. Schools must keep a list of all pupils who have access to the material for each year of use. (School roll.)

4. Schools must purchase a licence large enough to cover each pupil using the material.

5. Schools may use the material as a teaching resource as part of the process of a nominated pupil filling in the ebooklet.

6. It is strictly prohibited for any party who is not the author to copy or transfer the material to any third party outside of a licencing agreement by The Coaching Dynamic for a nominated group of children.

7. It is strictly prohibited for any party to resell or reuse without express permission by the authors any part of the Power Up! Moving to High School concept, interactive PDF, booklet, content, sample material or other examples of the work.

8. It is strictly prohibited for any licencee (school, private individual, other party) to store or transfer a blank copy of the Power Up! Moving to High School! material on a CD, a pen drive, an ipod, a phone or any other pocket sized mobile storage device.    


9. Schools will receive one PDF copy of the PC/Ipad version of each Power Up! Programme purchased, direct from The Coaching Dynamic . Currently, this product is not available to purchase from any other party.  The programme must be stored on the school's server and labelled accordingly with SCHOOL NAME & YEAR for use during that year.  

10. Schools are to load their electronic version of the Power Up! Programme directly onto the School PCs, or school-issued ipads/school-issued devices, from the school’s server.  The programme may not be transferred to devices owned by individuals without prior written consent by Richard or Catherine Burwell.

11. Parents are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions for all uses of the Power Up! programme in any form, and are entering into an agreement to maintain copyright when their child uses it, including if a device goes home/out of school.  

12. Schools, or other third parties with a licence (licensees) may issue one electronic copy of the Power Up! Primary or Power Up! Secondary programme as appropriate to each child under their licence agreement.  No compensation will be made for unused places.    

13. No other user may reuse or obtain a copy belonging to another pupil.

14. The teachers' guides for Power Up! Primary and Power Up! Secondary may be used as a printed copy by the nominated teacher(s). The guide may not be transferred to any other teacher or person who is not teaching on or who does not have oversight of the Power Up! Programme.  

15.The Power Up! teachers' guides, and all forms of the Power Up! Programmes (including Ebooklets and Student Workbooks whether PC, Ipad/other device versions, and any printed programme documents) may not be reused for subsequent years, without a new licence. Power Up! Products will be reissued each year, with a new licence to allow schools to issue the material to pupils and for teaching access, in view of programmes having been appropriately updated for technical effectiveness and continuous improvement as required.  Consumable resources (such as parent booklets) may also be included in the update process but schools will not be required to replace items that are still valid for the following year.

16.An option to renew the licence and to receive updated documents at similar cost will be offered from January onwards of the following year to existing customers.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions about the terms of use before purchase.  You are also invited to email with any questions about the use of the programmes by email on: info@thecoachingdynamic.com

Returns: You may return Power Up! documents within 24 hours of receipt if you are not satisfied with them, and must delete any documents in your possession.  We ask schools to check suitability before purchase, and if unsure, to contact us at info@thecoachingdynamic.com with any questions beforehand

www.thecoachingdynamic.com Terms and Conditions for Power Up! Programmes. 2016.  All Rights Reserved.

Terms and  Conditions

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