Secondary Prices

Secondary Prices


Power Up! Secondary fits well within PSHE lessons and/or Year 7 form time in the introductory weeks of the Autumn term.  

It can also be split into suitable parts and delivered across a range of school subjects, which have some connection to the material. These include Drama, English, History and elements which could be taught in Art, Geography and Maths. A full breakdown of the contents is provided with the programme to show at a glance which topics can be attributed to which curricular area.

The curriculum lesson plans can also be used selectively where teachers want to reinforce other topics in their introductory curriculum. For schools wishing to see maximum effect from the materials, we strongly advise using it all with new Year 7's.  

Our new short book, Empowering Students in Transition, will be available from Easter 2016, which will help schools wishing to embed an ongoing empowerment culture throughout Year 7.  

An excellent opportunity to strengthen empowerment of pupils in transition using the Power Up! materials, is where High Schools provide follow on teaching with Power Up! Secondary, from feeder Primary Schools who have used Power Up! Primary with their students;  and where feeder Primary Schools supply related pastoral information to High Schools, gathered as a result of Power Up! Primary.

The features of Power Up! Secondary currently include:

• A 2016 edition of the electronic full colour interactive student PDF workbook for School PC and Ipad use for use with all new Year 7’s and with permission to photocopy sections or the whole booklet for Year 7 use within the current year. Full colour printed workbook available at additional cost per pupil

• A comprehensive teacher’s toolkit, containing full descriptors of lesson teaching, activities and exercises with a range of questions and examples.

• A license for four teachers to teach the materials to Year 7 in the current year. (The license can be easily and cheaply extended.)

• Optional Teacher's Support Book: Empowering Students as they Move to High School by Richard A Burwell.


The Power Up! Secondary programme is a short curriculum for classroom use, designed for the introductory weeks of high school for New Year 7's.  Power Up! enhances the aims of the school in its moral, social and personal education, and contributes to a culture of empowerment, well being and accountability for pupils starting High School.

This resource comprises between 7-10 teaching hours and is provided electronically, for use on school computers and school-issued ipads.  From there it can be printed out in sections or as a whole booklet if necessary, in order for students to fill it in as a carry about paper-based resource. (For schools who only wish to use a paper resource, full colour printed workbooks are available.)

A comprehensive teacher's guide is also provided to support teachers delivering the programme.  In order to maximise the inherent empowerment value of the material, this toolkit contains detailed lesson plans, including questions, student discussion points, activities, and examples.  Both the student and teacher resources are structured in the same five sections, with all teaching points numbered, making it easy for different teachers to take sections of the material to deliver as necessary.  


Introducing Power Up! - the visually and conceptually exciting interactive programme for

pupils who are moving to high school to empower pupils before and after they arrive at High School!

In two parts, this unique programme helps schools add to their portfolio of support for incoming year 7’s, whilst teaching them underpinning principles of empowerment.  The foundations of the programme are based on the book, The 5 Senses of Self, by Richard A. Burwell, co-author of the programme.


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Well researched and informed by High School feedback. Based on the original, endorsed published framework of The 5 Senses of Self, by Richard Burwell


The Primary programme forms the springboard for transition work in the final term or half term of Year 6. The High School programme Power Up! Secondary offers a follow on curriculum to engage newly arriving Year 7 students with the five principles of empowerment at the next level, helping to embed a smooth approach to their transition between schools.

      It’s nice to know other children are in the same boat as you… It was good to understand how high school works and that I shouldn’t be worried    

Abbey Grange High School

Five key principles from the world of personal performance coaching



How to fit in and feel safe

What is important to them

The reasons for being at school

To believe in themselves and their ability

How to be empowered in any situation.

       As a result of doing Power Up! (Summer programme), two new year 7 students put themselves forward for the school council within 3 weeks of arriving at their new high school.   Abbey Grange C of E Academy

Power Up! allows the whole process of transition to be joined up: It is possible for Primary & Secondary schools to create a continuous foundation of empowerment for leaving Year 6's and new Year 7's for schools who link with one another. Parents can be included through the Primary Programme.   

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